Diary of a Whiny Girl

Chapter 2:


Hating others is easy, but hating oneself is not. I hate myself, and I hate everyone who love me and feel sorry for me (except family; no matter what, you can’t hate them). When will this self loathing stop, when?

It’s almost been a month since I last wrote about my miseries, and still haven’t found myself a job( got few interview calls and, got rejected on many) and still am miserable. Nobody likes the pity and ‘Everything will be fine ‘ that people throw at people like me, or is it just me? I hate myself, I hate my friends, I hate my roommates. I no longer feel like talking to anyone, but parents. I don’t like going out. There’s no hope of any kind left in me. Am I in depression?

Teacher: All first year students go to the left side of the room and the senior students go to the right side of the room.

Me: Ma’am the new students have just started dancing, and we have been praying this routine since two years now; why are you including them in the performance? They hardly know anything.

Teacher: I am doing this Bindi, to make a perfect team. A perfect team is one which has equal number of experienced and inexperienced people. Both kind of people have things to teach and to learn from each other, and this makes the team perfect. Experienced people like you will teach the inexperienced people the rules, procedure and the importance of dancing. Inexperienced people will teach you dance with no rules, procedures. Balance is what keeps the world grow, Bindi.

Why this lesson was just taught to me and no to the world? I am inexperienced, and no experienced personal is willing to teach me.That’s all for now. Someday I’ll make a perfect team and show to the world what it can achieve.


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