Diary of a Whiny Girl

Chapter 1:


Pain is an inevitable  part of life; it hurts you, humiliates you, and makes you stronger. I have had pain in my life; pain of losing your love, pain of witnessing a loved one die and the physical pain when you meet with accidents and diseases. However, the worst pain, I feel is watching yourself fail over and over again, even after trying hard each and every time. I am going through that pain, and not this blog is not about answering how to deal with that pain. Someone said to me that I need to speak to someone about my miseries, so here I am, whining; because this is the only way I express myself.

If you’re still reading this post, means you’re going through the same pain or you feel sorry for me. In both the cases, thank you for being there. So let me tell you more about my pain. I just got my Master’s degree in Software Engineering from San Jose State University, and I HAVE NO JOB. I reside in the silicon valley, and yet I DON’T HAVE A JOB. Yeah, go judge me, but before you do, let me tell you, I just have Internship experiences and I am a decent coder; also, I know Java, JavaScript, Node.JS, Angular JS, Python, MySQL, MongoDB, Cassandra and Android; now judge me.

I am not a ‘Coding Ninja’; I am just an ‘Average Coder’ with very little industry experience, and nobody wants to hire me. I want to gain more experience, but no company wants  me to have it. What is my fault? That I am not a ‘Coding Ninja’,  but I can become one if given a chance. A chance is all I need. I wasn’t born genius, but I educated myself well by being a zealous worker.


Okay, before I start to cry, again; this is my story and my journey until I find a job. I’m going to whine and write my heart out, until I get a job. For this week, this is it. Just got a reject from a good company, still sulking. Let’s hope I have same good news to write about, next week. Until then, bye and write to me only if you’re going through the same experience.


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