Beautiful Death

The place that seemed perfect yesterday, was suffocating me today. The place that kept me alive yesterday was killing me today. I didn’t know what to do and where to go. Everything around me changed overnight. Until yesterday her voice soothed me, cheered me; but today, all I could hear, were her shouts and cries. I wanted to tell her sorry, but I couldn’t. I felt very lonely and deserted. ‘Why is she doing this to me? Why is she leaving me? What will I do without her?’ Were the only thoughts running in my head. ‘I promise to do whatever you say. I will follow you without any questions wherever you go. Please don’t leave me’ were the things I wanted to tell her. Until yesterday, she could even hear my thoughts; today she couldn’t even hear my cries. Her cries increased along with her rage; she was killing me. I don’t know what wrong I did, but I didn’t deserve this. I cried in agony and fought back. One moment there was agony, suffocation and cries; and the next moment complete silence. Is this what death feels like? What wrong did I do? Why there was nobody to help me?

And then, I felt something; something that I never had. I don’t know if it was the warmth, or the abandonment, but I started crying aloud. ‘Congratulations ma’am/ sir, It’s a boy’. Were the words I heard before everything went black; I didn’t know what it meant.

Her voice woke me up, but how could that be? She had killed me. How can she be with me, did she kill herself too? Why would she do that? Was I wrong the whole time? Was she trying to save me? Are we both dead? ” Hey sweetie. Open up. How are you doing? Sorry for the agony you had to go through. However, I will make sure you never have to go through that pain again.” She had heard my cries, she hadn’t abandoned me, that soothed me; and then I don’t know what happened, but my eyes did something weird. I could see her, she saw me too. She was perfect, I was in love. “I love you sweetie. I am your Mommy.” I liked the voice of that, and then my lips did something weird, which made everyone around me cheer. I didn’t know death could be so perfect and beautiful, that it almost seemed that I was alive.




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