From PST to IST

It will be 2 years soon, since I had set my foot in the US. I still remember the day when I had landed at SFO. No, I was not happy, but sad and nervous. I had never been out of my house before, let alone out of the country. I didn’t know what to expect, or what not to; whom to trust or whom not to. Today when I look back I laugh at my naivety, at the same time feel sorry.

The first six months were excruciating. Being selfish, not caring too much, and not trusting blindly; these were the things I learnt the hard way in my first six months, in the US. The tasks that I hadn’t done before but was forced too, like cleaning, laundry, grocery shopping and cooking, made me miss home even more. Surviving on parle-G during exams, eating just one meal a day, that also just rice (I hate rice), constant money woes (California is  EXPENSIVE). In all I can say, the first six months were the worst time in my life. However, it taught me all the important lessons of life. Everything was not negative; I met some really good people. Today I call them my US family.

After the six months, things started getting sorted out. I got accustomed to people and situations around me. Friendships grew, and I cried less. I developed a new confidence towards life, which I didn’t realize then but looking back now, I feel the difference. I came out of my shell, and started enjoying life. Broadened my horizons, tried new things and visited new places. There was always some or the other kind of pressure, but I learnt to deal with it. Then came the best time of my life, my internship at Chicago. I enjoyed every bit of it. Living alone on the 36th floor of a sky rise, traveling alone, making new friends, exploring the new city and working like there is no tomorrow. I will always cherish those days.

The US showed me how times can change, and people too. I can safely say that, I’ve grown up more in these 2 years, than I had in the last 23 years. The US of A has grown upon me. I feel confident and independent. Living alone breaks you, but makes you (I had read it somewhere). Today I am traveling to India, after two years. Yes, I am super excited. I will be meeting my friends and family after ages. I have dreamt this day a thousand times, and still it feels surreal. However, I am not done with US, yet; I still have to learn a lot from this country. I’ll see you soon America, until then adios. I’m coming home maaa…(India).


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