Rohan kept staring at his phone, after Shruti hung up on him disdainfully. All his efforts to confront Shruti had gone in vain. He had no clue, what to do next; but surely, he couldn’t sit idle. “There has to be some way, or someone who can talk this out with Shruti.” He said to himself. He briskly walked in his apartment; trying to recollect every conversation, he had with her, for any mention of a person who can help him with Shruti. He couldn’t let this happen.

Rohan became a doctor in 2009. He served in the interior of Maharashtra as an intern for a year; and was now, a successful Gynecologist, working as a visiting doctor in many well known hospitals. He delivered more than 10 babies per week, and was called upon, whenever there was a complication involved in pregnancy. He was the best Gynecologist in town. He was at the pinnacle of his career, and yet was very humble. He was smart, focused and attractive, yet single. He had no time for himself, let alone anyone else. The last he was in a relationship, was in 2011. It ended, because he could meet her hardly twice a month. After that, he concluded that relationships weren’t his forte, and he didn’t like to do things where he couldn’t be at the top.

Rohan’s parents died in a car mishap, when he was serving in the rural area during his internship. Since then, he had buried himself into work. He had no social life, hardly partied. The only leisure he allowed himself to, was a glass of wine, at the end of the day, with soft music playing in the background.

Rohan’s life had been boring, until he met Shruti. Shruti had brought colour to his black and white life. Her dimpled smile, that made her eyes squirt, her shyness, her maturity, was what made her special to Rohan. Rohan felt connected to her, on the first meeting itself. Whenever Rohan imagined her, a smile emerged on his face. Rohan for the first time felt something, after his parents had died. An emotion he was foreign to. He wasn’t ready to accept it, but deep down he knew that he was immensely in love with Shruti.

After trying very hard, Rohan gave up and decided that, even though she wasn’t the right person, but only Pranali could help him now. He called her and asked her to meet him the next day. She was his last, and the only hope left. He was not sure if she would help, but he had to try.

Rohan poured himself a glass of wine, and imagined Shruti’s vibrant smile. Today, instead of a smile, tears gushed down his face, while he was reminiscing. “Yes, I’m in love with you, Shruti.” He finally agreed to himself. He rested his head on the pillow, recollecting the day he had the uncanny rendezvous with his love, Shruti…



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