Uncanny Rendezvous

“I need space. Just leave me alone. I don’t want to talk to you.” Shruti screeched, and banged the phone down. She had enough tonight, she couldn’t take it anymore. Living alone had made her strong, but also, lonely. She missed her parents, who lived in a different city. Work had forced her apart from her parents. However, today she missed them the most. She had never felt this alone in her life, before.

Shruti worked in a small company as a web designer. She always wanted to be an architect, but she couldn’t pursue it, because of her parents meager income. She never complained. Her inclination towards creativity aided her get a decent job, right after she completed her part-time course in web designing. The job wasn’t that lucrative, but for her parents who had spent their lives as farmers, it was indeed, a dream come true.

Relocation from Kolhapur to Mumbai had been very difficult for Shruti, initially. Half of the amount she earned, went in hostel fees, and food. From the remaining half, she sent most of it to her parents; and so, saved very less. Albeit this, she was contented with her life, and loved her work.

She thought she had gained normalcy in life, but as usual, life had different plans. She met Pranali. She was her new room partner at the hostel. She was from Pune, and worked at an advertisement agency. She was affable, and made friends easily, unlike Shruti. However, Pranali’s jovial nature forced Shruti to come out of her shell, and they became best of friends. At that time, Shruti didn’t comprehend, that her close comradeship with Pranali could bring a havoc in her life.

Pranali was the girl who had introduced Shruti to Dr. Rohan. Recollecting that day, and the moment she met Dr. Rohan made her snivel now. “Why Pranali, why did you have to take me to him? Why?” She sobbed…



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