The Search

It had been a month now, since I had left home. I missed home; I wanted to run away from this place. However, I couldn’t; even if I wished, I couldn’t go back. That realization always made me sick. “Why did I choose this? Why did no one stop me? Why am I stuck here?” I asked these questions to myself, day in, and day out; but never looked for the answers, as I knew them. It was all my fault. I cannot blame anyone, hence I’ll have to endeavor it. I’m a strong man, a month more would do me no harm.

“Sam! Sam! Sam…” Someone was trying to intervene into my thought process. “Sam! Sam….” Now I was moving on my own, how could I.”Samar, get up!” I got a slap on my back, which made me jump, and I was up on my feet, in a jiffy. “Samar, what’s wrong with you man? You were sleeping, at work. Anyway, get ready we are leaving in ten minutes.” Naman snapped. “What the…” I said to myself. That meant; I had started talking to myself even in my dreams. “crap! I’m going insane. For sanity sake, I will have to go to home, to Bombay.” I thought.

I was in Mysore, working at the most sought after company, the Insys Systems; the dream company for any IT graduates. I was more than happy when I was selected by this company, I still am; but being away from Bombay, does not quite help. I like the Insys campus, the city, the weather out here, and even the working environment; yet, it was not Bombay. Bombay was home; family, friends, and yes GIRLS, I missed them. I was home sick. It was not that Insys didn’t have girls; but I could safely say, they were, as if, non-existent to me. Yes, I was a Bombay-ite, and none of the girls at Insys matched to my standards. I’m not being arrogant; but that was the truth. Well, Insys did have some nice chicks, but they were either my friends, or else were dating someone else. The only thing that kept me going was the football. I was a football fanatic, and a fairly good player too; and Insys had active football sessions, which worked to my benefit. “Sam we will get late for the movie, ‘Talaash’ aka ‘The Search’, come on man.” Shiv yelled.
It was a Saturday evening, and after work, we had decided to go for a movie, as it was not a match day; and that thought saddened me. We were going for a new Bollywood release, ‘Talaash’. I usually didn’t do Hindi movies, but friends wanted to see this one as it was a Amir Khan starrer. I had said a yes for it, because it was any day better than sitting in my room, all alone. Naman, Shiv, Amit, & I were supposed to go; we were close friends, had studied in the same college, and now worked together.

We reached the theatre dot on time. “Sam, go grab some popcorn, & coke. We will do the tickets.” Amit said. “Fucker, I’m running out of cash. I had to dish out all my money in saving you last night, because of….” I retorted. “Oh man! Don’t go there, I feel sick in my stomach remembering….” Amit started but was cut by Naman, “Shut the fuck up both of you, here, take the money Sam. We are running out of time people; and Sam, drop your, this fucking, grumpy face; it’s making me sick.” I gave Naman an incensed look and seized the money from him. We took our seats, and the movie started. “If for you, we would have again missed the starting of the movie.” Shiv said. “Shut up, you moron.” I snapped back.

The movie started with a murder sequence, “hmm this seems good.” I thought. Then Aamir Khan’s entry made people go, ‘oyee hoyee’, and that was the reason why I hated going for the Bolywood movies. Five minutes into the movie, there was some clatter, two girls were struggling to find their seats. I couldn’t check them out due to the darkness; and frankly, I had no interest, after all it was Mysore. I tried concentrating on the movie; and then I saw the two girls coming towards our seats. I looked at my right and realized that the two seats, besides me, were vacant. All four of us straightened our seats in synchronization, when the two girls passed across our seats, to reach theirs. I could hear Naman, and Amit’s groans; and their eyes were almost on the verge to pop out, eyeing the asses of the girls. I sighed, but I could not blame them, we all missed Bombay. “Dude she is perfect for you, even she loves missing the starts of the movies.” Naman muttered, when the second of the two girls was just passing by my seat. Before I could reply, the girl turned, and locked eyes with me. It was just for few seconds, but her eyes paralyzed me; I had never been so ashamed in my life. She settled in her seat, besides me. I gave Naman a disgusted look and mouthed mutely, “FUCKER” to him; and he winked back. At the same time, Amit and Shiv noiselessly mouthed, ‘ENJOY’ to me. ‘Bloody losers’, I said to myself. However, secretly even I was animated. ‘The girl did have a nice ass.’ I said to myself, and grinned at that thought.

I was no longer able to concentrate on the movie, the presence of that girl made me anxious. She had worn a knee length skirt, and a sleeve-less top. Her clothes highlighted her petite figure very well. My eyes then fell on her chest; she had small breasts, but big enough to raise my testosterone. She turned towards me, and at that moment, I turned too, towards the screen, ‘damn, damn… Did she saw me staring? Crap Samar.” I said to myself. I had no idea if she had seen me eyeing her; I hadn’t waited to see her reaction, and didn’t have the guts to look at her again. I watched the movie for some time, and got engrossed in it. Aamir Khan didn’t live up to my expectations, He is, admittedly, a wonderful actor but Inspector Shekhawat failed to live up to the billing. Shekhawat was the protagonist: the insomniac, driven, fabulous cop who was battling his own demons as he tried solving a seemingly impossible case; in fact the strongest character till then was of Nawazuddin Siddiqui, who lost his life in a twisted show of love so that his beloved could lead a happy life. Perhaps a story just about Tehmur would’ve made for a more fascinating tale. I concluded; and then the most favorite element of the Bollywood, the song number came. It had been picturized around a restaurant/bar; it had Kareena Kapoor in it, dressed in a sultry dress. No longer had she made her entry, the crowds went berserk, and people started whistling; and of course, my friends joined the bandwagon. “tch, tch.” The girl next to me hissed; and I turned to look at her, and our eyes met, again. She had dark, penetrating, and sexy eyes; I could almost sail in them. She wore a nose ring, which added the extra oomph to her hotness and prettiness. She smiled at me, and so did I. Her friend, who was seated next to her called her, so she unlocked the gaze; and I sighed. I turned my eyes to the screen and grinned, ‘Game on.’

It was interval, and my three friends got up. “Sam?” Shiv called out when I didn’t get up from my seat, “You guys carry on.” I said, and they understood, and sneered at me. ” FUCKER” Naman wordlessly mouthed at me, and they left. The girl next to me was engrossed with her friend. I was waiting for her to turn. In the mean time, I immersed myself into my phone, to save myself from looking like a fool. Her friend got up, and I straightened my seat when she walked past me, to leave. “She is smart!” I thought, and smirked. “The real test would be when she would open her mouth.” I said to myself. One month in Mysore, and I had learnt that pretty girls out here seemed pretty, only, until, they spoke. When her friend left, I turned and found her staring at me, she was waiting for me to look up from my damn phone. “Aah sweet.” I thought. “Hello!” She started. “Man she is bold, I like.” I thought. Now I could properly see her face, as the lights were on. She had a very pretty face, wheatish complexion, and long straight hair. She had a lock of hair on her face, which supplemented to her loveliness. “Hi, there. Samar Arora here.” I swaggered in my Bombayish tone. “Anuja here, but you can call me Anu, that’s what people who like me, call me; so it’s upon you.” She grinned. “She passed the test with full marks… Fuck that… She is playing good, damn good.” I thought. My spirits were pumped up by her reply. “Anu then; how can I not like such a pretty lady.” I gave her back, with a wink. “So Samar, how are you liking the movie? Your friends made it quite evident how well they were enjoying it, so what about you?” She asked. “Aah that; I sincerely apologize on behalf of my friends, indecent behavior milady! About the movie, it’s okay so far. Let’s see what more it has got.” I said. “You’ve voiced my thoughts sir! Also, you don’t need to apologize; they were just showing their affection for the actress, weren’t they?” She grinned. “Yes, yes, they were.” I grinned back. “By the way I’m from Bombay, I’m here for work. I work at Insys.” I boasted. “I know! Even I work there, you are the football guy, right?” She said, and left me speechless. “She works at Insys… how… how come I don’t know?” I questioned myself. “Yes I play football… but…. I have never seen you.” I said, still confused. “Well, I ain’t famous like you sir! You are quite famous at Insys, the football guy, that’s what everyone addresses you.” She said. “Aah I like that.” I said, displaying my pleasure at her remark; and she smiled back. My friends came back, and so did Anu’s friend.

The movie started. There was a lot happening in the movie, murders, and mysteries behind them; but my mind was altogether on a different planet, “How could I have missed her, how on earth? Samar, rack your brains.” I said to myself. “Stop giving so much strain to your brains, trust me it’s my bad that you have never seen me at Insys.” She whispered. I looked at her; she winked, and resumed watching the movie. “Woah! She is something.” I grinned, and then finally tried concentrating on the movie. We both got involved in the movie. Movie climaxed, revealing that Kareena Kapoor was the ghost, “What the fuck!” I exclaimed; loudly, I guess. “Shh… shh… shh.” People around me gave me an irate look. “Shut-up loser.” Naman screeched. Everyone was disturbed, but there was some giggle; and I recognized the voice, it was Anu. Her eyes shone when she giggled; and the sound of her giggles was pleasant. I smiled earnestly at her.

The movie got over; we got up to leave. Anu and her friend followed us, to the exit gate. “So where are you from?” I enquired. “Has to be Bombay, or Delhi.” I thought. “Banglore” She said; and for the second time, left me speechless. “Banglore had such girls?” I thought. Very easily, she destroyed the outlook I had, for the southern Indian girls. I lost her in the crowd. Once we were out; Amit and Naman were discussing about the movie, Shiv was on a call, and my roving eyes, were searching for Anu. I finally saw her catching a rick. “Damn!” I thought; but then she saw me, and came ahead, even I stepped ahead. “Tomorrow CCD, at seven.” She said, winked, and left. “Man she is definitely something.” I thought, and smiled. “Woah! What was that?” Amit asked. “Fucker! You killed it man! I’m proud of you.” Naman said. “But, how? Stop blushing like a girl and tell me, you Moron.” Shiv said. My friends were all over me; and I was all over Anu; she had completely swooped me off my feet. “The movie didn’t live up to its expectations; however I didn’t regret coming for it. I don’t know about the Aamir Khan’s ‘Search’, but my ‘Search’ did get fulfilled.” I leered at that thought, “Well, morons, I have a date tomorrow.” and I grinned at my friends.


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