The Return Gift

The birthday, the day you were born, the day you had entered this world, and the day you get the utmost importance. You are the center of attraction on this day; and you garner so much attention that you don’t, in the entire year. Some people like it, but a person like me, would detest it. However, you have no choice; you have to handle it, along with a lot of pampering, which everyone likes, of course. Those never ending calls from cousins, relatives, friends; those inbox full of messages; those facebook wishes, all wear us out. Replying to everyone’s wishes gets very tedious, personally I don’t like birthdays for this reason. Yet, Birthday is an important event in our life, that one day for which we start planning a week or month before (I don’t, I just feel birthdays are overrated).The best thing about the birthday is waiting for that first call, message, from that one person. Don’t deny; everyone has that one person, she/he wishes to get her/his first wish from. It’s okay people, it is human nature, there is nothing to feel shy about. Okay now don’t ask me who is mine; there’s no one, seriously!

Three years back, my cousin’s wife, my sister-in-law, gave birth to a beautiful girl. My niece was born normally, but soon after her birth, my sister-in-law’s condition became critical. The bleeding that should have stopped, didn’t. She was shifted to ICU from maternity unit and was serious for three whole days. By God’s grace, she survived, but doctors said she was one in thousand, who survived that condition. She actually came back from death. Now why am I sharing this with you? If God forbid my sister-in-law hadn’t survived that, then my niece would have never been able to celebrate her birthday, without feeling guilty and sad. She would have regretted her existence; but her mother fought death, to save her daughter from that remorse. That is the strength of the motherhood; and that day I realized the true meaning of ‘The Birthday’.

We all know what it takes to give birth to a baby, so much a mother has to endure, and we all respect our mothers for that. However, do we do anything special for them on our birthday? We don’t, but why? While giving birth to us, even they had a re-birth. In spite of knowing how much pain they would have to go through, they were not scared while delivering us. They were more concerned about us, even in pain; and delivered us safely into this world, without thinking even once, for themselves. We cannot ever, in our lifetime repay that to our mothers, but can’t we just thank them? Truly speaking, on our birthdays our mothers should get the most attention, they were the hero of that day, and they have earned it. I don’t know if I will, ever be able to endure that much pain; thinking about it, only gives me chills.

So let’s make it a point to wish our mothers; and give them our first return gift, by giving them our first, ‘THANK YOU!’ on our birthdays. Now we can’t forget our fathers; they were the support system, and the strength our mothers got from, to undergo that pain. I’m no saint; even I have never done this in my 22 years of life, but better late than never; and for people who have, I salute to them. Today is my birthday and I complete my 22 years of existence, and mark the beginning of my 23rd year; and I am going to start giving my first, ‘Thank You!’ to my parents, from this birthday until my last. So people, I request you to do the same; and make your birthday special, for your parents, by giving them, your first, ‘THANK YOU!’, your first return gift, and not, to that special someone. 


2 thoughts on “The Return Gift

  1. You’ve the ability to understand those little experiences that only a beautiful person can.. A mature girl indeed, I must say..

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