A day before Valentine’s Day is so depressing, that is, if you are single. Red is all that you can see everywhere, red roses, red dresses, red accessories, red bags, red shoes and the list can never stop; and I HATE red, on this day at least. No, actually I HATE Valentine’s Day. It is the sickest day of the year. Everywhere you find people holding hands, cuddling to each other, can’t they find some room? Why they have to show their affection in public and create jealousy? I would never do such an evil thing. That is, if I am not single, for once at least on Valentine’s Day. By the way, who came up with such a horrible day? Well I googled it and got all answers to my questions, you can try yourself. Anyways the point is the day before Valentine’s Day is too upsetting, and a day off from college did no good. I was supposed to go for a movie, but a friend of mine cancelled the movie plan at last minute, so, I had nothing to do. I tried sleeping in the afternoon but, I could not; after much effort, I gave up and switched on the TV but as expected, only romantic movies came. After trying everything and getting bored of all those things, I decided to go to CROSSWORDS, my last hope and I knew that it would never let me down. I hoped, not to find any couples madly in love, at least there; the thought of it only gave me such a relief. So I wore my writing glasses, I call them so, as they are oversized and they make me look like a nerd. I like them and besides, I was not hoping to meet my soul mate today, not at crosswords at least.

I am very lucky, not because I have the best BOYFRIEND; well I don’t have one, yeah I am single I know you have figured that out, and I know you feel like laughing at my apathy, if not you, then some of my friends does. Nevertheless, it is ok, I am tired of trying to find one, and out of those, 9/ 10 trials have led to disastrous DATES. I will discuss those dates with you next time around, so where was I? Yeah lucky, as crosswords was just at ten minutes walking distance from my place, for you it must not be a big thing, but for me it was, as I was a BOOK WORM and a wannabe writer; so for people like me crosswords was a temple. I reached my destination and already felt good by just viewing the large widespread area that had books of all caliber; fiction, non-fiction, classics, foreign books, local books, health books, cook books, travelling books, computing books, children books, teenage books, magazines, photo magazines…. The list was too long, so I am sure you must have got the idea and yeah not to forget, no COUPLES. I sometimes really wish I could live here, but as the famous proverb says, ‘if wishes were horses beggars would ride, and if turnips were watches I would wear by my side.’

I buried myself on the couch with a book of one of my favorite authors, Ayn Rand; I have read all her books. Yet, I go back to them time and again. It motivates and inspires me. Though my favorite genre is romance, but not on such a day. Therefore, I took Ayn Rand’s ‘The Fountainhead’ and sat on the nearby couch and started with chapter one. I hadn’t even completed that, I found someone’s shadow on the book, irritated I looked up. It was one of the volunteers; he understood my discomfort and went away from there. I again got busy with the book. After like half an hour, I again found someone’s shade on the book, “tch tch” I made that sound and looked up. It was not a volunteer but a boy. After encountering my annoyed gaze, he went aside, but was still eyeing me from the corners of his eyes. Guys you seriously think we can’t make out when you stare at us, even though you try hiding? I looked at him until he went aside, but my mind had been diverted by then. He looked malnourished, well not exactly, but his oversized tee and baggy pants made him look one. His hair reminded me of the Maggi noodles and he wore oversized glasses, which were much bigger than mine were. In short, he looked weird, but these days most of the boys looked weird. I tried concentrating on my book but I could not. I looked at him and caught him staring at me. I got up and took another seat. No sooner, I had gained my concentration, than I found that weirdo lingering again near my seat. Frustrated I put my book away, and when I turned around, I found him exactly behind me, “Excuse Me,” I blurted. “I…I am so sorry” he fumbled. I walked past him, but my mind was giving me other signals and I could not overhear it, I turned and asked, “Do we have a problem?” By the look on his face, it seemed as if he had seen a ghost. “No…no I am sorry,” he said. After analyzing him a bit, I turned to leave. “Excuse me… can you please help me?” he called out. I turned, confused; he came up to me and said. “Actually I was looking for some romantic novel… but… I don’t know… I have no idea about romantic writers…. So maybe if you could help me out.” He said and I narrowly studied him. “No… no don’t get me wrong, I mean… actually I want to gift one to my girlfriend…on valentine’s day… but I have no idea about this genre; and there is no girl, I mean a young girl other than you at this store right now… so if you could…” However weird that guy looked, he had a seductive voice; and the moment he mentioned about his girlfriend I felt sad, “Bindi stop being so desperate.” I thought. “So?” The weirdo was waiting. “Um yeah… I will be more than happy to help you.” I said and smiled. He smiled back, and man, not only his voice, he had a sexy smile which ended with a slight dimple on his upper jaw. I was awestruck; I had never seen a smile like that.

“So tell me what kind of novel do you exactly want Mr.…?” I asked. “Rohan Sharma, and can I have the pleasure to know your name?” “I am Bindi Sevak” I said and then he thought for some time and answered, “Actually, I have no idea…. Umm… some girly romantic novel… I mean stuffs that you all girls enjoy…. What?” I gave him a disgusted look. “No don’t get me wrong, I really have no idea about romantic novels… I only read sci-fi stuffs…so…” “Umm ok fine… so tell me something at least…. I mean what kind of books does your girlfriend like. Mills & boons, Nicholas Spark or Daniel steel, which of these authors does she like?” I enquired. “Ha-ha” he chuckled. “I don’t think I cracked a joke.” I replied sheepishly. “No you didn’t, actually the thing is she has never read a book in her entire life.” “Oh! I see…” I exclaimed. “Damn… make some excuse and leave Bindi… come on…you can’t do this.” My mind gave me signals. “So are we ready?” he asked. “No… not yet” is what I was supposed to say but, instead said, “Of course let’s start.”

I had no idea where to start from, I tried but just could not come up to any conclusion; alas, I turned and faced him, “I can’t do this… I am sorry.” “Please don’t say that… please you are my last hope, please…. Please” He pleaded. I so hate myself, why do I always melt so fast. Why does someone’s one ‘PLEASE’ make me do whatever they want? Why can’t I be mean for once, at least? However, I knew, I cannot how much ever hard I tried. “Ok…fine Rohan… but you got to help me ok?” “Yeah whatever you say.” He said. “Ok tell me something about your relationship… I mean… don’t get me wrong… but this will help me choose the right book.” I said fumbling for exact words. “Umm… let me see… we have been together since two years now…I like her… I really like Ishita.” “So you LIKE her, am I right?” “Yeah really like her a lot.” He said. “Ok… LIKE her a lot…umm… you know what Rohan we are in the wrong section of the books.” “Huh?” he gave me a confused look. I looked straight up to him and said, “well not wrong section, wrong place, as you won’t get any book out here that talks about LIKING, it’s just LOVE out here; and if you don’t even love her then why the hell do you want to buy a novel that talks about love and give her wrong signals?” I knew I was fuming but I could not help it, I hate men who were so confused between love and infatuation that they gave their girls wrong indicators; and when they finally figure it out its always too late. I was beginning to leave, “I…I. Love…I mean…I love her.” He said “Huh?” “I really love Ishita…a lot” he said. “hmm” I smirked. “Why was it so difficult to accept it? Even after two years, you could not figure it out. See I am not pressing you, I am no one, but she is the one isn’t she? So do her a favor by asking yourself whether you really LIKE her or LOVE her; and if you don’t, then don’t say it for just sake of it and don’t buy that novel if you don’t love her….please….” I said as calmly as I could. “I am sorry… I know you are right… I was just scared, I do not know why… deep down I know I love her, love her a lot…I can’t imagine my life without her, it scares me. No doubt, we fight a lot, but I don’t know what would I do if I no longer got to fight with her. I don’t know what was stopping me to accept my own feelings, maybe was just scared… but, now I am not, and thank you for that. I love Ishita.” He said with a smile on his face, and I so wished that Ishita was here; I so wanted her to listen to his confession of love, as I knew it was pure and came straight from his heart, I could see that in his eyes. Ishita was lucky, was very lucky to have Rohan in her life, a kind of guy every girl dreams of. He was brave, very brave, as he had confessed such a delicate emotion of love with so much passionate to a stranger, more importantly to another girl; and when a boy does that, there is no doubt he loves the love of his life, whole-heartedly. I was happy for Ishita, happy for them and I wished their relationship blossomed in all weathers.

It took some while until we finally zeroed down to Nicholas Spark’s ‘A walk to remember’ as he had seen the movie and I told him the book was any day better, and also as she had not seen the movie. After that, we went to the coffee bar at the crosswords. He bought me a coffee, as a gesture to my kindness. “Rohan could you do me a favor?” “Yeah sure whatever.” He said. “Just don’t give this novel to your love but, read it out to her, those important love quotes and scenes from the novel. Trust me she would be touched by your gesticulate and it would be the best romantic gift for her.” I said. He smiled and said, “As you say madam” and winked at me. While I was sipping my coffee, “So tell me about the love of your life, I am sure he must be very lucky to have you… you are so….so…so kind hearted, it is rare to find a person like you, so tell me something about your love life.” he said. “Stop laughing God, this is all your fault.” I thought. “It’s yet to come in my life,” I said with a smile. “What… you kidding right?” “Nope, I am not. You know Rohan it’s not easy to find true love, ask me; and people who have it don’t respect it.” I said. “Would you ever stop taunting?” he laughed and so did I. “You know when our eyes met, you made me nervous… I mean the look you gave me; I thought you would kill me at that very moment.” He said. “Ha-ha, you disturbed me when I was with my first love, my books. I was reading my favorite novel so that is why… I am sorry; and you know what, I don’t give those looks to everyone, you are the lucky one.” I winked. “Oh! I am so honored,” he said in sarcasm. “What attitude you showed me man…phew…” “Oh come on I did not, I am a shy person and I don’t talk and smile to people who stalk me, ok.” I said. “I see… shy…so that’s the reason why you are single?” “Umm… maybe…” I said and he smiled and sipped his coffee.

After exchanging goodbye’s I wished him good luck with Ishita; he blushed and then all of a sudden hugged me, and said, “You are a gem of a person Bindi, not everyone can match up to your maturity, and that is why you are single. Boys these days can’t handle that kind of maturity. You know things that you should not at your age, but still you do; I know life has taught you that, I could see the pain in your eyes when you were talking about love to me. It is ok Bindi, don’t stress yourself so much, let go whatever you are holding, life is short do not miss on it; and I am sure you will find your LOVE, your true LOVE soon.” He said and left. I was flabbergasted. I touched my face and witnessed that I had tears. No one ever had said such a thing to me; no one had ever held me like that and confronted me. I had never let my worries known to anyone as I was not good at sharing my stuffs, but he saw it, in one encounter. Ishita was lucky very lucky, with that thought and smile on my face I headed home. That day, I was contented with life like never before.


3 thoughts on “13 FEBRUARY….

  1. Wow !! Beautiful ! True , it very rare happens that we meet strangers and they see through us, and I’m sure like he said, “Your maturity about love, shall find you the perfect guy soon, and mature love stays forever “. Loved this story, Keep writing 🙂

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