Have we forgotten to RESPECT?

I caught a train from Dadar to Sion, for college. It was just another day, the train was meagerly crowded and there was enough space for everyone to take a seat. I did not take one, instead stood near the door and enjoyed the cool breeze with music in my ears. No sooner had the train left the Dadar station, and then I heard some disturbing clatter. I removed the hear-phones, and tried comprehending the commotion that was going on. A woman was blabbering in Marathi. I did not bother, as fights in Mumbai locals are a frequent sight. I went back to my placid world, but couldn’t dwell there for long. People started overlooking at the compartment from where the noise came and then out of human nature of curiosity, I looked too. There was a woman who was pointing towards a girl and was talking to the gathered crowd; but the girl on the other side, seemed least concerned. After witnessing the situation for some time, I got the idea of the things that were going on.
The woman explained in Marathi that the girl kept her feet, with her slippers on, on the opposite seat; and that it would cause inconvenience for others. She asked us, the crowd to convey this to her as she felt that the girl couldn’t understand her Marathi, and she did not know English. She even tried explaining it to her in Hindi, but it fell on deaf ears. I didn’t want to poke my nose into the matter, as I felt it was none of my business. However, I couldn’t neglect the helpless woman’s plea to edify the girl. Thus, I stepped ahead and said “Hey excuse me, could you just mind putting your legs down, people here are not comfortable with it since it is a public…” “Mind your own business.” She snapped back. Whoa, so she wasn’t deaf after all. “I am, my friend, I was just trying to convey what this woman…” “I know what the bitch is trying to say… just stay out of it.” I was boiling, “calm down Bindi.” “Hey chill I am just trying to help you out, this is public transport and people sit where you’ve kept your feet, and the thing is since your slippers are on we are telling you this, otherwise there would be no issue if you had kept your bare feet up.” I said as politely as I could, I did not want to get into a tiff. “Do you want to sit here?” “No, but…” I started, but, “Then mind your own business and fuck off, I know what kind of people travel in these trains.”
That was it, she had now set me on the boiling point; and by that time, more people had gathered as Matunga station had just passed. I was fuming with rage, yet, I composed myself and answered, “have you ever learnt the terms RESPECT and POLITE? Not that I care, just asking, out of curiosity; and yeah please enlighten me, what kind of people travel in ‘THESE TRAINS’ what is their definition? By the way aren’t you one of them right now?” “You…” she started, but I cut her.”Oh! Yes, you are. Moreover, girl, are you illiterate? As everyone, when young are taught to respect elders and to respect the public transport, or is it that you have forgotten?” “You… Bitch just shut up, I am more educated and smarter and even richer than you are. You know I stay in the best area of south Mumbai and…” “So? ha-ha even I stay at South Mumbai, does staying there give you the license to talk shit to people who are requesting you and trying to reason you out? Babes you need help!” I concluded and left as my station had arrived. She called back, “Dude you have no idea with what people I hang out with, and….” I looked back and said, “Trust me dear I don’t want to know.” I said and nodded at that woman who thanked me, and got off the train. Once down, I heard some women screaming at her for the same reason. Mind you, those women were not at all polite; but she deserved that.
Does with the arrival of the richness, our values go on a tour, without the return ticket? Does staying in some Posh area, make us forget to respect people? If that is so, I am happy with what I am and I would rather be a MIDDLE-CLASS person with politeness in me rather than being a RICH and INSOLENT person.


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