This one is for all my single and double, MALE friends. You guys always complain that it is difficult to comprehend a girl, difficult to decode them; so I am going to tell you some insightful things about us, girls. Some of you maybe knowing them better than me, but for some, this may help you to impress your crush or help you in understanding your girlfriend better; and all you girls out there help me and guide me with this one. Ok, boys there are 5 things that you should keep in mind….
1. TALK: Yes, you read it write, ‘talk, please talk’. You boys always complain that we talk a lot, but do you know why? Because you guys do not. We talk to break the initial awkwardness, we talk, as we do not want things to wither between us; but most importantly, we talk so that we can get you talking. We love listening to you; so please talk to us if you want us to SHUT UP!

2. COMPLIMENT: By compliment, I don’t mean that admire and praise our clothes, face or any physical attribute (though once in awhile you should). What I mean is compliment the little things we do for you. It means a lot for us if you could just see that, more than any material gift. Your compliment is what we all crave for boys.

3. TRUTH: Compliment us only when you’re genuine. PLEASE DO NOT FLATTER. We girls have this gift; we can catch boys who are faking. So don’t even try lying to us, you will lose your brownie points. Tell us the truth; no matter if, it even hurts us. Maybe we would get angry with you at that point of time; but trust me by telling us truth you will gain our TRUST for the rest of your life.

4. HELP: Help us in whatever way you can and especially when we do not ask for it. That would impress us a lot. By helping us, it would mean you are noticing us, and this will make us think about you.

5. RESPECT: This one is the most important of all. Please respect us guys! Like you boys, even we have our egos. The saying ‘IT IS MEN’S WORLD’ is true and I am sure you people agree to that, so RESPECT is what we all girls are longing and fighting for since God knows how long. Respect our individuality and stop treating us as a weak. Yes, we need your help sometimes, but that does not mean we are dependent on you, you boys have to understand that stop making us feel vulnerable. Respect us for what we are and for our doings, and you will win our hearts for sure.

Thus, these are some of the tricks that will help you boys; understand us better….


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