Oh! God why?

It was just another Sunday and I was getting bored at home and friends were busy; to top it sister was also not at home; she had gone out with her own group of friends so I could not even annoy her, by the way that is my best past time. I had read all the newspapers and magazines and had no new novel to start. In short, I was pretty wasted, “Misha we are going; do you want to come? I am asking for the last time.” Mom called out. I was checking if anything worthwhile came on T.V, but to my dismay, nothing did. “Mamma… wait… I am coming.” I yelled out. I considered that going out with parents would be better than sitting home jaded. “Get ready in five minutes straight, otherwise we are leaving.” Mom stated. “OK, fine.” I blurted in anger and went to my room. Since the rains had arrived, I chose to wear knee-length pants and a simple tee. The windcheater would cover the tee so it didn’t matter if it was not very attractive and eye-catching; and then I was very much sure that my parents would be going for some movie so nobody would notice me in the dark, so I did not give much heed to my look. “Misha…” Mom yelled. “One minute, mamma.” I screeched back. I wore my lens, applied some kohl, dabbed my lips with some lip balm, applied some deodorant over me until I was sure I smelled good, and left.
Once in the car I asked, “So which movie are we going for papa?” “We are going for ‘The Rains,'” He said. “Huh? I haven’t heard of any such movie.” I said and mom laughed at my confused look. “Who told you we are going for a movie dear?” She said. “But mom every Sunday you guys go for a movie right? So…” “Dear, it is monsoon and a Sunday.” Dad said. “So, they don’t show movies on Sunday’s, during monsoon?” “Dear we are going to Marine Drive.” Mom stated. “But… You people did not tell me…” I searched for something to say. “Did you ask us?” Mom asked and she was right, I had not asked. It was my fault, all my fault, “Why didn’t I ask?” I thought, and now there was no way going back, Shit! I will have to go to Marine Drive, with PARENTS on a monsoon Sunday, that also in the evenings when there are cute boys around, “Oh God why?” I thought.

Dad parked the car; and mom and I sat on the bench. Dad joined us and it looked like a perfect family, minus my sister, “Where are you Aaisha?” I thought. For the first time I missed her like anything. Mom and dad started talking and I kept looking around at the people. There was a group of friends enjoying the weather, a group of couples’ cozying up, facing the sea and away from the world’s eyes. There were families too. However, there was a difference between us and those, the children of those families were small kids, unlike me, a 21-year-old. I got up and went up to face the sea. The breeze made me forget everything; Marine Drives are just too awesome in monsoons. “Dad I’ll just take a walk and be right back.” I said and left. Though I detested coming with parents, I do not think sitting home would have been a better choice. There were cute boys jogging, and some having fun with their friends, I missed mine too. I took out my phone and texted Aaisha to come up if she had finished with her friends; she replied, ‘ha-ha enjoy sis, No way am I coming… ;)” I flipped my cell inside my pockets in anger, “Excuse me, can you take a picture of us?” A guy called out, he was with his family, surely visiting Mumbai for the first time. “Sure…” I said and took the camera. They wanted the full queen’s necklace in the picture so I went back until I got a proper view in the lens. I took one more step behind for the exact view and banged into someone, “I am so so…rr…yy…” I fumbled. “It is cool.” He said smiling. He was a boy, no not a boy; he was a cute and handsome boy. He left and I kept staring at him; the kid of the family who was supposed to be shot for the picture called out and got me back to my senses, I looked at him and smiled. I was about to press the click button of the camera, but my heart was throbbing so much that I had to listen to it and I gave a last look to that guy but he had left. I clicked the photo fast, gave them the camera, and started searching for my handsome dude, but he was nowhere to be seen. “Misha!” Mom called out. I lost hope and went to my parents. We walked back to the car and my handsome dude’s picture kept rewinding in my head. “Excuse me mam… I think this is your’s” Someone called out and I turned, it was HIM, I kept gawking but he was looking somewhere else. “Oh! My handkerchief… Thank you so much.” My mom said and took the kerchief, “Misha darling can you put this in your pocket please.” Mom said giving me the kerchief. He looked at me; and his face showed the sign of realization of our last encounter. He looked at my mom and back to me, and smiled and then he left. I knew why he had smiled. “Why mom, why you had to call me darling in front of him… Why am I with you…? Oh! God why?” I thought.

We got back to our car and dad drove, I was still gloomy with what had happened. “What’s wrong?” Dad asked me. “Nothing papa.” I said looking away. After some time I asked, “So where are we heading now papa?” “Well you were so keen on watching a movie so we thought we should go for it, what say?” Dad asked. “Yeah… Great…let’s go for it.” I said. A good movie would remove the sadness that I felt. “But, before that we got to have our dinner, Misha call Aaisha and ask her if she wants to come.” Mom broke my thought. “Mamma I had messaged her, she has some work to do so she went home after meeting up with her friends.” “Oh! Okay, but what about her dinner?” “Don’t worry mom she is not a kid she will manage.” I said and dad agreed. We went to the Sterling Theater, but before that went to Mac Donald’s for dinner. I so hated myself for dressing up like a girl who had zero fashion sense. ‘Thank God at least I wore lenses.” I thought. I went to the rest room of the Mac Donald’s and checked myself. The kohl in my eyes had smudged and that made me look somehow sexy, I let lose my hair open, dabbed some lip balm that I had carried and went out. Looking at the crowd in the Mac Donald’s, I realized that I was nowhere close to HOT or SEXY or even BEAUTIFUL to the other girls present there. I went up to my parents and started with my dinner. We got to the theater and took our seats. “Please God enough for the day now, please don’t embarrass me anymore.” I thought. The movie started. It was a romantic Hindi flick; something that I needed after such a day. I love Hindi romantic movies. Interval came and dad asked if I wanted anything, “papa one coke that is it.” I said. I cracked my neck, turned to my left, and regretted turning. It was him, my handsome dude. He was sitting right next to me and I had not even realized. I looked away, but unfortunately my mom caught his glimpse, “Hey hello there…’the jogging boy'” she called, and he looked. “Oh! Hello aunty…. Nice to meet you again.” He said. “Misha remember he had helped me with the handkerchief.” “Oh! God why? I know him very well mom.” I thought. I nodded at mom and looked at him who was waiting for my attention. “Hey” he called. “Hi…” I said with a smile. Damn he had such a sexy voice. I looked away avoiding his gaze. Dad came and handed me the coke and the film started. I no longer could concentrate on the movie, “why God why? You are so cruel. You have no heart. I so hate you.” I thought. I tried watching the movie, but just could not, “Oh! God why?” “Did you say something to me?” He asked. Shit, I blurted that out aloud. “Umm no nothing…” I said. “By the way I am Kush.” He said. “Umm I am…” “Misha right?” “Yeah that’s right.” I said and realized mom had called my name a few times before him. “I like your name.” He said. “And I like you” I thought, but said. “Thank you.” After that, there was silence for some time. “Come on Misha talk to him.” My mind gave me signals. However, I knew myself well; I always got tight-lipped in such situations. The movie ended and we got up. I smiled at him and said a bye and was about to leave, but he caught my hand. I missed a heartbeat at that. “Misha your windcheater” He said and handed it to me and my heartbeat suddenly dropped. “Thank you…” I said and left. Shit I would not get to see him anymore, “Oh! God why” I thought. “Hey Misha, so… when do I get to see you next… at Marine Drive… with your parents?” Kush called back. I turned and saw a smirk on his face; I smiled and said, “Soon… very soon.” “Misha!” Mom called. I went to her. “What was he saying?” “Nothing mom I had forgotten my windcheater so he was giving it to me.” I said. “Oh! Such a nice boy” Mom said. “Yes indeed!” I said and blushed. I looked behind and this time I found him eying me, he smiled at me and waved, I smiled back and thought, “Oh! God…Thank you so much!”


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