It was 5.00 am, and the alarm rang. I kept snoozing the alarm until 5.15 and then finally irritated, I got up. I sat on my bed; eyes still closed and cursed my exam. My bed was calling me and even I wanted to hug it, but “EXAM…. You’ve got an EXAM….” My mind shrieked. “Why do we have these damn exams, God?” I questioned and as usual got no answer. I finally woke up, took one last glance at my bed, and finally went to the basin. I looked up in the mirror, “Damn these dark circles, I so hate you exams.” I washed my face and entered my room again; switched on the lights and sat on my study, opened my books and stared at them for some time. “I don’t want to study you, I am bored… Please can I go to my bed?” No answer, “I tried studying, but my head, mind, body, and soul kept searching for my bed. Alas, I looked up to it, “I miss you too.” I said and looked at my sister who was sleeping on the other side of my bed. “She is so lucky” I grieved, and at that moment she rolled up to, my side and I cursed her. “I can’t study here” I said to myself, took my books switched off the lights and went to the gallery.

I kept the books on nearby table and looked outside the balcony window. It was still dark and there was breeze that carried a pinch of coldness with it, and that was soothing. My society seemed so quiet, which otherwise never is. There was low sound of chirping of birds and sounds of ringing alarms, that made me feel better, at least I was not the only one who got up at this hour of time. There was low hiss of someone’s mobility. I searched and saw that it was the milkman and pitied him. I heard few more noises of people; they were the oldies of my society, all getting ready for their jogging treat and waiting for their friends. “How and why would someone get up at this hour when they have an option otherwise?” one of the uncles saw me smiled at me and waved to me, I waved back, “Exam?” he asked. “Yeah, and you all are heading for jogging?” I asked. “Yeah kid, even you should try, it is a great start to the day.” “Oh no, no I am not a morning person; it’s only for exam that I get up so early.” I said. “Ha-ha ok dear study well and best of luck for your exam… bye” “Thank you uncle, bye” I said with a smile. I looked up at the watch, “Shit it is 5.45 am; I should better start studying now.” I sat on the chair, took the book in one hand, pencil in the other and started studying.

I was so engrossed in my book that I never realized when darkness changed to light; it was, when my mom brought my mug of milk that I realized that, I had been studying continuously for two hours. It was 7.45. I kept my book aside took my mug of milk and again went to the balcony window. It was a bright day; the society did not seem that silent as it did at dawn. There was the newspaper guy , the oldies coming back from their jogging spree, and there were children dressed neatly in their respective school dresses. They looked so cute; some waiting for their school buses, some waiting for their dad/mom, some waiting for their carpool groups, some waiting for their friends; but all of them had a single destination that was, THE SCHOOL.

School, the most integral part of everyone’s life. The place where our values are shaped, a place that makes us a fine individual. Today, the way we act, the way we present ourselves, the way we talk or not talk, is the reflection of our school. A school is a place where we are groomed; it skillfully molds the principles and ethics taught by our parents. When bunches of different flowers are fashioned by a florist, we get a beautiful, attractive and an alluring bouquet. The school is the florist; it acts like a catalyst. School is a place where one starts her/his journey with tears in eyes, and ends her/his journey with tears in eyes; and whatever happens between them is the joyous time minus tears and I feel lucky for myself, for having the most jubilant and jolly school life. I still remember those long school hours, getting up early and sleeping early, those times when staying up until 12.00 am was like an achievement. Those lunch breaks, where we first learned to share our tiffins, and which in turn taught us “sharing is caring.” Those fights for a one specific desk, those after school annual and sports practices, those gossiping times, those competitions among different groups and fighting for winning them as if they were the battle of our life, those days….. I MISS THEM. Those teachers of our school who were our second parents, who considered each and every student as her/his own kid and who were worried for each and every student of the class…….I MISS THEM. Those teachers were the ones who worked hard for preparing us for the world, who told us how cruel the world is and strived hard for preparing us to face it, who scolded us and punished us so that nobody else could get the chance, ever in life, to scold us. They were the ones who motivated us and pushed us with no leaps and bounds….I MISS THOSE TEACHERS….I MISS THOSE DAYS….I MISS SCHOOL.

Today most of us are in colleges, professional colleges where everything is too professional. The teachers are not the same, the people are not the same, it is not the same time; but somehow we still enjoy these days, this is life, where change is inevitable. Someday when I get old like the oldies in my building I will surely miss these days, so that is why it is said that, live life in every moment, live life like there is no tomorrow. However, looking at these kids took me back to my school days, where we had no politics among friends, which are now called as COLLEAGUES, where we did not have to worry about the jobs and salaries, where we had a dependent life. At school, we always wished we had an independent life, but now I wish otherwise.

Anyways, if I continue with SCHOOL then there would be no ending to it and I am sure you agree with me on that, maybe I must have missed few points, but these were the ones very close to my heart. I am sure by now you must have figured out that I have a hovering mind, it is always wandering and is very difficult to control, so before it wanders more let me get back to my books or I will flunk for my exam. Therefore, with a smile, I go to my room and start studying….


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