What should one do when one see’s injustice happening around? Should we just watch it like a coward or should we fight for it? When young, we were taught by our parents, teachers, and by our history books that we studied, that we should fight for any injustice happening to any person small or big, rich or poor. Our very own Mahatma Gandhi, whom we all respect so much, whom we treat as our God, fought till his last breath for the injustice and the unfairness, so should we follow his footsteps or not? I am a little confused, as when we were young we were taught that we should fight for any injustice; but as we grew old, we were taught, advised, and forced to overlook it, so why was it taught in the first place if we weren’t allowed to implement it? Aren’t studies supposed to help us make our lives better, to help us distinguish between right and wrong? So when we are capable for that, why are we told to not see it at all, why are we made blind? If this was the end result, why the hell did we study our ass out? It would have been better to be illiterate isn’t it? Guide me or educate me if I am wrong, I am ready for all sights. Before that, I would like to throw light on an incident that my friends and I experienced today, after reading the same you decide whether what we did was right or wrong. Today my friends and I, seven girls, decided to have a sandwich at Bandra, at the roadside; but mind you, the roadside vendor was not an illegal one, he had a license. No sooner had we placed our order, than we suddenly heard a disturbing noise, we all turned to see what happened. A luxurious and an expensive car banged into a cycle while reversing, for parking; and the sound that we heard was of the crashing of the glass bottles, the tomato ketchup bottles that crashed into pieces, not one but a dozen of them. It was the sandwich walla’s cycle. People saw the cycle down but nobody even cared to pick it up, frustrated one of my friend and I went to pick it up, and it was then that others came to our aid. The vendor went to the rich owner of the car for the damage he had caused. We thought it won’t be a big deal so we got busy with ourselves. However suddenly we heard a tiff, we looked and witnessed that, the filthy rich guy was not even ready to pay for the damage he had caused, let alone be his apology. Instead he was fighting with the vendor and denied his fault. Outraged one of my friend went to help the poor, the GAREEB. The rich guy was arguing that he never saw the cycle and so it was not his fault, to that my friend raised a question what if there would be a small kid? Would he give the same reason then? She was right. Nobody spoke a word until then, the public, our MALE citizens just kept looking at the GAREEB getting exploited. This was not enough, and then a police officer came around, we thought now the matter would be resolved so we decided to keep mum and witnessed the situation in silence. Nevertheless, to our dismay, the matter got worse; the actual owner of the car, a middle-aged woman came and started fighting. She was not even present when the incident took place and was arguing endlessly, the police officer listened to both ends. Mind you just listened, but did NOTHING. We all got angry, we started fighting for the GAREEB, everybody (MALE CITIZENS) agreed to what we said, but nobody had the guts to raise a voice. All this while the police officer was just listening, and then the owner of the car suggested going to the police station and so did the officer. Well everyone knows what happens once the matter goes to the police station; the GAREEB only has to suffer. So, one of my friend heated, yelled, that the matter should be resolved in the public only. To this the officer pounced on us and told us to stay out of the matter and insulted us, he even threatened the vendor in front of us that he would cancel his license and told us that we had no right to eat the sandwich, blocking the road. To that, my friend said that we weren’t blocking the way, but standing on the footpath, on the public property. She was about to say more, but we told her to keep quiet, though we knew she was right, we did not want the GAREEB to suffer cause of us. Finally, the owner of the car had to pay for the damage, after the crowd that was gathered, but the filthy rich woman, just paid for the bottles that were broken into pieces not for the ones that were cracked, which would naturally be useless to the vendor. So people in all this where we were wrong? I fail to understand that. Yet the police insulted us, because we were young? Because we were girls? We just tried to stand-up for the injustice that was being caused to the GAREEB, but we were made the victims in turn. Shouldn’t the people standing there, should have supported us? However, nobody did, we were all alone by ourselves, yet we did not give up, as we can’t see injustice of any kind, because this is what was taught to us. Therefore, if you want to stop us, stop educating us, until then we would keep fighting and aren’t scared of anyone.


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