Saturday’s were so boring. I always wished I had office on Saturdays too. Work was any day better than sitting in my room and doing practically nothing besides watching television and consuming fats, and listening to my friend’s discourse on dating, on finding a boyfriend. Tina was my best friend who was on a spree of finding me a date since I had been single for almost a year now. “Pooja please for God sake get your ass out of this room. You have become such a bore man, like this you will never find a guy and please stop eating that junk.” She yelled at me. I could not defend, as whatever she said was right. My life sucked big time. I was currently staying at Pune away from home, from Mumbai for work. I stayed with Tina in her flat. I was working in an IT firm. I had a 9 to 5 job and on most of the days worked overtime. I had weekends off but did nothing worthwhile, most of the weekends I would run home, as Mumbai was just three and half hours away. I was twenty-six and single, the last relationship I had was a year ago with a guy named Rahul. We lasted for nearly four months, but after four months of dating, we decided that we were not compatible for each other and parted our ways on mutual consent. I did not miss Rahul; I was never actually in love with him. I looked decent enough and was attractive too but still was single. “Pooja, Pooja! I am talking to you can you hear me?” “Yeah Tina I can hear you well.” I snapped back. “Ok good, now listen I am getting late for my show so I have not done the laundry so please do it and be of some use you bitch. In addition, get out of this place. Go for grocery shopping.” “I will do the chores Tina,” I said. “Thank God. Bye sweets love you muaahhaa.” “I love you too.” I could never understand Tina, at times, she would abuse me to no extent and at the next moment, she would give me kisses and all, but I guess that was why I loved her so much. Tina was an RJ and her show came only on weekends. We were childhood friends, we had done our schooling together after school she had shifted to Pune but we had never lost touch and by God’s grace, we were united again after college. My phone rang, “hello! Yeah Tina say.” “Listen Pooja, I have forgotten my cell on the window of the living room. Please bring it to me I am at the gate of our building, please get it sweets.” “Tina I so hate you. Damn! Why do you always have to forget something or the other? Wait now, I will have to change.” “Why change?” “Because my dear friend I am in my pajamas and I am not going to come down in this state, do you get that?” “Uhh okies, but try hurrying up please I am running late.” “I’ll be there in five minutes, bye.” Tina always did that. I changed and went down as fast as I could. “Here take your damn cell and next time around I am not going to come down, come what may.” “Okay sweetheart, I love you so much muahaa.” “Ok now drop me at the grocer’s shop.” Tina made a face but there was no way she could have denied me. She had a Tata Nano that also a yellow one. She had been very excited at its arrival, but as she had gradually started using it, she came up with the conclusion that a two-wheeler was any day better than a Nano.
After grocery shopping I headed home. I wasted the rest of the day by sleeping and hogging. At night, I had a dinner date with Tina at our much-loved joint, the McDonald’s. Every Saturday night when we were not clubbing we went there. “Heya! wadssup? (That is how people greeted these days; it was the FACEBOOK age.) How was your day sweetie? Sorry I kept u waiting actually was caught up in the traffic. You look drained babes. By the way, you rocked the show, as always.” I cheered her up; she always needed such boosting now and then. She was very bad at handling stress, though she had to work just on weekends, that also only for four hours; it was too much for her. I wondered what she would do if she had to work 9 to 5 like me, that also five days a week. “Oh! Pooja you are the only person who appreciates my hard work, otherwise that bitch, my boss she has not for once, said something nice to me. Anyways who cares, my listeners love my show and me, and so she cannot dare to fire me. Still that female gets on my nerves man. Well how was your day? Did you do your task?” “Yes madam all done. So what are you having today? ” I asked. “ Hmm let me see, uhh I will have one chicken McGrill one pizza McPuff and one large fries and yeah a coke please. That is all.” “Fine Madame, I will be back with your order in ten minutes I hope that’s fine with you?” “Yeah it is ok.” She said and chuckled at my sarcastic comment. I placed her order and for me ordered a McAloo Tikki and a paneer salsa wrap along with a coke. While we were having, Tina started with, “so Rajiv… How is he?” “Oh! Rajiv he is good.” I replied. “So….” “So what? We are just good friends Tina nothing more. We get along well that does not mean we like each other ok. He is a nice boy but…” “Oh Pooja grow up now. Open your eyes. He likes you sweetheart. That day at Richa’s party the way he was eyeing you, even a five year kid would have been able to guess that something was up.” She said. Richa was our common friend. She also worked with me. “Ok maybe he likes me but I certainly don’t. I have never thought about him in that sense. He is just a friend Tina.” “What is wrong with you Pooja? Why are you behaving like this? First, you tell me you cannot find a nice, decent boy and when a guy like that is sitting right under your nose you have become blind. He is a good boy Pooja. He is smart, handsome, earns good, and has a good family background, what else do you want?” She was right. “What is the matter Pooja?” “It is just that… well I don’t know but I just don’t like him in that way.” Tina was pissed. “Well, I will tell you what your problem is; your problem is that you are still not over Ayushman.” She said and her words hit me hard, I went numb. It took me a minute to recover to my senses. “Enough Tina I don’t want to talk about this further.” I said with finality.
Mere mention of his name brought many bad reminiscences, though some were good but the evil ones overpowered them. Ayushman was my first ever boyfriend, my first love. We were school buddies before we had started dating. We had spent nearly three years together as a couple, but as it is said not all relationships have the flair to blossom. Even our affairs went kaput. Reason, the same old one, he was two timing. It took me a hell lot of time to overlook him. However, deep down I knew whatever Tina said was true I was still not over him. I compared him with any boy I met and that was one reason that Rahul and I did not last long, not that Ayushman was perfect, but I had loved him excessively to find any faults in him. Moreover, a part of me was also scared in getting involved with anyone again. Finally, Tina’s phone broke the killing silence and I knew who it could be at that hour of time. “Hey baby I am good just a bit worked out, that is it. What about you? Oh! We are at McDonald’s.” It was Aakash, her boyfriend. Her relationship had persisted to all kind of weathers and still they were going strong, very strong. Many a times I was jealous of her, but at the same time was happy for her. Tina continued talking and I had no other choice but to think, to consider what she had supposed. Rajiv was a good boy, no doubt handsome, but, undoubtedly, I had no such feelings for him and Ayushman was for sure a closed chapter in my life or was he? I was so confused. “Pooja you know what? Aakash is in town. He came back today. He said he wanted to surprise me. Oh! Pooja I am so happy. He will be reaching here in like ten minutes.” Aakash had a job where in he had to travel a lot, all over India. He was into marketing or something, which is what Tina had told me. “Oh! Great, that is the best news of the day Tina. I am so happy for you.” I said and we hugged. “Ok listen I will take a leave as I have a little pending work. You guys carry on. I don’t want to disturb you people.” “Don’t be crazy you are not leaving ok. At least meet him and go.” “No seriously Tina I have some really important stuff to deal with and yeah I will surely catch up with Aakash soon.” “You are sure?” “Absolutely sweetie. Bye and enjoy your time and surely say a Hi to him from my side ok.” “Ok bye, take care and call me as soon as you reach home ok.” “Yeah sure.” I said. I had bluffed to her, I had no work, but I did not want to bother both of them, as it is they got very little time to spend together. It was 9.30 PM; none of the autos was ready to come. I had been standing deserted for nearly twenty minutes, and then, just then.
“Pooja Joshi, am I right? Is that you?” A boy from nowhere came up to me; I had no idea who the guy was. He was undoubtedly the handsomest boy I had ever seen but still he looked familiar. I just could not take my eyes off him. How could someone be so perfect? To start with his height, he must have been 5’10 or maybe 5’11. He had a good built not exactly macho types but good enough to drive any woman crazy. The face, I had never seen a flawless face like that or maybe I was exaggerating a little bit but that was the truth. He had a very little stubble, but sensuous enough. His eyes, they were black but the way they were looking at me I felt like I was the most beautiful girl he had ever seen, I felt like sinking into them. It took me some time to come to a realization that I was actually gawking, “Pooja it is you, right?” and that he knew my name but how could that be possible? “Uhh…. Yes indeed, it is…. But… you…I am sorry do I know you?” “It’s me Pooja, Abhay Sharma, remember? Class eight, roll number 25 just a number after yours.” It then clicked me who this gorgeous hunk was. He was Abhay, how could it be? That Abhay was thin and short how could he change so much. Of course he could, it was in standard eight I had last seen him, nearly eleven years before. “Pooja? Remember the skinny boy?” “Oh! Stop embarrassing me Abhay. I know you very well now. So how are you? Long time, you had moved to Delhi if I am not wrong, right?” “Oh! Yes, so finally you recognized me huh? I am good. What about you? How have you been? So now, you stay in Pune.” “Yeah I do.” I said. “Why, you got sick of Mumbai?” “Ha-ha no, I work here and I do not think anyone can ever get sick of Mumbai. Mumbai is home. So what made you, leave Delhi?” “Of course work. I had a conference meeting here today. So what do you do?” “I work for an IT company… Abhay are you sure, it is you? Do not get me wrong but you…” I went speechless. “Have changed? Well yeah, I took your advice very seriously and got out of that skinny body and gained a bit of height also,” he smirked winking at me, “and you Pooja, you have not changed at all you still look the same, pretty as ever.” That made me blush. “Aww Abhay, thank you for the compliment. One thing about you has still not changed; you are still, sweeter than the sugar.” “Thank you Madame. So where are you heading? Can I drop you somewhere?” “Actually I was going home but it seems that the Pune does not want me to go. I have been waiting for an auto for last thirty minutes without much feat.” I said. “It seems that this city has been a little harsh on you. Anyways where do you stay, I can drop you just give my chauffeur your address.” “Thank you so much Abhay.” I said and explained the way, to his driver. We talked a lot during the journey. My house was only at ten minutes’ drive, but I wished it were more. I wanted to talk to him, wanted to hear him speak, wanted to be close to him, very close. “Shit what am I thinking?” I thought and the car stopped. “Ok then, got to go. It was nice bumping into you after so many years. I wished we could talk more. Anyways, bye, good night, take care.” I said half-heartedly. “The pleasure was mine, sweetheart.” He said and I almost missed my heartbeat. Nobody, not even Ayushman had ever called me that. I could not take it anymore. I was feeling dizzy. Without saying a word and without looking at him, I left the car. I knew it was an embarrassing maneuver but I could not help it, I didn’t want to hear him anymore. I reached home and heaved a sigh. How could I get attracted to a boy so fast? Shit. “What is wrong with me? I need to get out of this frame of mind.” I said to myself and headed for a shower nothing was more soothing than that. After that, I changed into my new pair of pajamas.
Tring- tring, the bell rang and it could be no one, but Tina, at this hour. I had to tell her a lot about today’s encounter. “Hey Tina, you know what” I said while opening the door, could not control myself. “Hey! Pooja” I was dumbstruck. It was Abhay, but how? Why? I had no answers. “Pooja?” “Hey, hi, uhh…. Abhay….” “Are you fine Pooja?” “Yeah, yeah I am fine. Oh! Please come in Abhay, please” I said and showed him the way to the drawing room. I had still not recovered. I was still flabbergasted. “I am so sorry Pooja. I came unannounced. Actually my car broke just a few miles away from your house and like you I was also unsuccessful in getting the auto, so had no choice, but to drop myself here. My chauffeur will call me just as soon as he finds a garage and a help for me. I hope…” “Oh! Please Abhay, it is okay, but how did you find my house?” “Well the watchman…” “Of course, anyways make yourself comfortable. I will get water for you, just give me a minute.” I said and ran to the kitchen. I filled the glass of water; saw myself in the mirror above the sink. My hair were still wet, water still dripping. I wished I had not changed, not since my nightwear was sexy, well, but because it was not. Freak, what I was thinking. Without letting my thoughts go any further I went out. He was glancing over the house. My God, he looked so handsome. “Pooja your house is beautiful.” He said. “Here have some water. Well this house is not mine. It is Tina’s, remember Tina, my best friend in school?” “Oh yeah how can I forget her, you two were inseparable. Still are?” “Ha-ha yeah, still we are thick as thieves. It is her house. She moved in here after passing tenth. When she came to know that I had landed here for work, she did not let me stay anywhere else.” “Okay so that explains everything.” He smiled at me and took the glass of water from me. Our hands touched slightly, but were enough to send electric shocks through my body. I looked away so that he would not see my face, as I had no idea what kind of expressions my face showed. Nonetheless, he kept ogling at me. “Pooja you are looking stunning.” I said nothing, but blushed, still looking away. “Do you remember that skinny incident?” He asked and winked at me. “Ha-ha I knew you would bring that up. I am so, so sorry Abhay. The way I had reacted, I was crazy.” I said. “And bratty too.” He grinned. The skinny incident, well it was nothing, just that in eight he had asked me out and I had denied by giving the reason that he was so damn skinny, and I could not date such a guy and that I had some standard that he can’t match up to. I was so wrong, I wished I had said a yes, but how would I have known that after passing the teenage age he would turn into such a striking and attractive hunk. “Oh lord! Tina where are you, I need you.” I thought. “So how is your girlfriend?” I asked randomly as the silence was growing. “She is good.” He said staring outside the window. Shit, he had a girlfriend. I felt a sudden jolt in my stomach. Of course, he had. How I could be so dumb. How could such a handsome man be single? “What about you Pooja? How about your boyfriend?” It took me a while to answer that, “I am single since a year now. Got dumped twice” I said in an undertone and went to the balcony, Abhay followed. “You are kidding right?” I looked at him and realized how gorgeous he looked in the moonlight. “No I am not.” I said and smiled. “How could a girl like you be single? I mean you were the bombshell of our school. Boys used to die to be with you. You were the prettiest girl of our school. You could get any damn guy. How could anyone dump you?” “Thank you Abhay for the praises, well I don’t think I possess those charms now.” I smiled. He looked away. “So how was your meeting?” “It was good, tiring though.” He said and then I suddenly realized, “Abhay did you have anything? I mean you had your dinner, right?” “Uhh… no, did not get the time.” “Shit I am so sorry. I have forgotten all my manners. Wait I will get you something.” “Please don’t stress yourself. I am good, not at all hungry.” “Just shut up ok. I will be back in few minutes.” I said and left for the kitchen. I did not have much stuff to choose from, had some bread and some boiled pastas that I was supposed to have for next day’s breakfast. I made a sandwich, loaded enough with whatever vegetables I had, then cooked the pastas and garnished it with the cheese. I loaded the tray with the two dishes and two mugs of coffee. “Your dinner is ready sir.” I said and placed the tray on the dinner table. “If you do not mind, then can I have it in this balcony? I love the view from your balcony.” “Wherever you like it sir” I said and went to the balcony. Abhay helped me with the tray. He tasted the food. “Wow Pooja I did not know you had such a remarkable talent. This is so scrumptious man, amazing.” “Oh come on this is nothing anyone could have made it, but still I will take the compliment.” I smirked. “You won’t have anything, just a coffee?” “I had my dinner Abhay.” “Okay miss.” He smiled. He finished his dinner, I asked him if I could get anything else but he denied. After that, we talked for hours. The last I had seen the watch it was 1.00 AM.
“Whoa man, it is 4.00 in the morning. Never realized how time passed and it seems my driver has got lost.” He said. “You should rest for a while. By the way when are you leaving, for Delhi?” I asked. “Now I do not stay at Delhi.” He said. “Then, you shifted to Mumbai again?” “Uhh… no, I have moved my base to London permanently since a year now.” He said and looked away. I do not know why, but that made me sick. I cleared my throat, “that is great Abhay, seriously. So how is London?” He took a while to answer that. “London has been good to me so far. Dad had shifted there three years back. He had set up the business and then called me, but we have our business out here in India also, so I travel a lot.” “So you met your girlfriend in London or here? Do you both stay together? Do you come to India to be with her?” I was dying to ask all these questions but I could not abide to listen to the answers. “You should sleep for some while Abhay. You can use the guest room, there are some…” “Pooja thank you so much. You are a sweetheart. I wished you had said a yes when I had asked you out, maybe then….” He could not say anything more, instead he came closer to me and held me tightly and kissed me, on my forehead. He moved his fingers gently throughout my face touching every organ. I was frozen. Then his fingers came to my lips, he brushed them gently, it created ripples throughout my body, and then he abruptly stopped. He released me from his grip and left. I could still not move. I was badly shaken, and all of a sudden, my face went wet. I started crying. It had been long time since any one had held me like that; I had craved for it. It had been long since I had ever felt like that. I was matured enough to guess that it was not just infatuation, and then it did not take me much effort to grasp the fact that I was in love, but how could I fall in love so fast? I did not know the answer. I would have to hide my feelings from him, I could not tell him but I needed to tell someone. I called Tina but her cell was unavailable. Maybe she was with Aakash at his place. I went to my room, and within few minutes dozed off.
I got up at around ten in the morning with a headache. I needed coffee desperately but before that, I had to see if Abhay was yet awake. He was not in the kitchen or the drawing room so that meant he was still sleeping. I went to the guest room and knocked the door, but the door was open. He was not there, I checked the washroom, but it was unoccupied. “Shit, he had left, but Why?” I asked myself. I went down on my knees and cried profusely, I wanted to see him, wanted to hug him, at least once. However, it was good for me that he left without telling me. I convinced myself, gathered up, and went to the balcony. I needed fresh air. Something at the balcony table caught my attention. There was a freshly brewed coffee; I could smell it, which meant it was not long enough since it had been prepared. There was something under the coffee mug. I lifted the mug and saw it. It was a letter.
“Dear Pooja,
Stop getting hyperactive and worried ok. Breathe first and then read. Now listen, had to leave because I have some business to finish. I wanted to inform you but did not have the heart to wake you, sweetheart you look cuter and lovelier while sleeping. So for now have some coffee before it gets icy. I have made breakfast for you with whatever stock you had. I hope you like it. It is in the microwave. Then get ready and meet me down at your building gate at sharp 12.00 noon, I will pick you up, you are spending the day with me. So now, get going fast as I am very punctual about time. See you soon.
By order,
I could not help but smile, after reading his short but sweet letter. He had made mouthwatering breakfast, after having that, I finished my rest of the morning chores. At 11.00 bell rang and it was Tina. I was right she had spent her night with Aakash. I told her everything about our happenstance even showed her the letter. “Man, man, a lot has happened since I last saw you. I leave you alone for one night and your life takes such a big U-turn. Anyways do not leave him Pooja. By the way you sure he is the same Abhay, our shorty?” “Oh! Please Tina do not call him that.” “Possessive, huh?” She teased me “Nothing like that Tina, he is just an old good friend, and he has changed a lot. See it for yourself then you will realize, and anyways he has a girlfriend ok.” “We’ll see, anyways wear something nice for heaven sake Pooja. Wait I will choose something nice for you.” Tina dressed me up with the sexiest dress, which she had only gifted me and which I had never worn. I had told Tina everything, but the fact that l was actually and madly in love with Abhay. Nevertheless, I knew that she had sensed it, Tina knew me better than I did.
“Hey Abhay this is Tina.” “Tina meet Abhay.” I gave the formal introduction. “Hi Tina it is a pleasure meeting you. How have you been?” “The pleasure is all mine dude.” She said and winked at me. “Abhay seriously you have changed a lot. I mean you were reedy and short when I last saw you.” She said and I gave her an irate gaze. “Anyways I will not take much of you people’s time. I am getting late for my show. It was nice meeting you Abhay. I hope we meet up again someday when I have time.” She said and winked at me again. “Yeah sure, why not.” Abhay said. She left and Abhay volunteered me to his car. “Pooja you are looking very hot in this dress. Are you sure, you do not have a boyfriend?” He grinned and I blushed. “Yes sir I am very certain about that.” I smirked. We first went for lunch and then for a movie. After that, he said he wanted to buy a gift for his girlfriend so we went for shopping. “You think this will suit Shweta?” “How would I know Abhay, I have not seen her.” “Oh! Yeah my mistake, well shweta is a bit taller to you, a bit thinner than you are. She has got a well-toned body, her…” “Enough…” I screeched and realized I should not have, but I could not help but get jealous of that bitch. “Pooja I have her picture. I think that will help.” “No! No, it is fine I got the depiction of the way she looks from your precise description. This dress will suit her well.” I said. Damn he wanted to show me her picture. I felt like killing him. Lord what was I thinking? “Okay Pooja as you say. Anyways you should meet my girlfriend she is an interesting person, seriously.” “Yeah sure, I am dying to meet her.” I said sarcastically but I guess he did not get it. After that, we bought few things for him. He wanted to buy something for me but I declined but he did not give up and finally bought an expensive watch for me. “Abhay you should not have done this. This is very expensive. I can’t take it, and I don’t even have anything to give you that can match up to…” he did not let me complete and pulled me close to him. “Sweetie you have given me more than I could have asked for.” He said and kissed my cheeks, and then he released me. I actually missed a heartbeat. “Shit, I love him so much,” I thought but I could do nothing about it. “Pooja he has a girlfriend, he is committed.” I said to myself repeatedly to keep my emotions and feelings in check. Later we went for dinner and then he dropped me home. “So when are you leaving?” I asked. “Hmm, tomorrow at 11.00, in the morning. I have a flight at two.” He said. “I… Abhay…” I was wordless. I cleared my throat. “It was pleasant, bumping into you Abhay, after so many years.” I said. He smiled and hugged me. I wished the time had halted, I wished that the moment never ended. “Hey you guys, what’s up? How was your day?” it was Tina, “bad timing,” I thought and heard Abhay sigh, or maybe I was dreaming. After sharing some pleasantries, he left and I felt like someone had jilted me. I felt something void inside me. He had gone, gone forever now.
That night I could not sleep at all. I cried and cried. Why did I have to fall in love with him? Why was he committed? Why he had to leave? Why? I asked all these questions to myself the whole night, but failed to come to any conclusion. I blamed God for bringing him in my life. “Pooja, Pooja what is wrong? Are you fine?” Tina asked with concerned after she sighted me sulking beside the bed. “Tina he has gone, he has gone.” “Who has gone, Pooja?” “He will never come back again. Why did he have to go Tina?” “Pooja, Pooja, listen…” “Why it always happens with me? Why?” “Pooja!” Tina shrieked. I hugged her and started crying. I told her everything. “Damn you fool. You could not tell him that you loved him. Just call him I want to talk to him.” “I don’t have his number.” “What?” she screamed in disgust. “Fine which hotel he has been staying?” “I don’t know that either.” “What the f… are you out of your mind. What kind of a girl you are? You did not even take his number and you say you love him. Do you know anything about him, anything?” She cried. “No… oh! yeah he had said he was leaving at 11.00 and that his flight was at two.” “Thank God, finally. Now just get up and stop acting like a crybaby. It is 10.30 now; we should reach at the airport by 11.00.” We got at the airport a little before 11.00. We waited desperately and then I saw his car, he stepped out of the car. I smiled but my smile did not last longer. There was a girl with him. “Hey Pooja what a lovely surprise.” “Abhay…. I…” “Oh! I am so dumb I did not introduce you people. Pooja meet Shweta and Shweta this is Pooja my childhood sweetheart.” “Hi Pooja. Abhay has told me a lot about you.”Shweta said. “I hope good things. Anyways I just came to say good-bye to you, Abhay. Have a happy and safe journey, both of you.” “So sweet of you, Pooja.” He said and came near to maybe hug me, but I stepped back. I could not do this. I would break if I let him any close, I could not let myself break like this. “Abhay I got to go, Tina is waiting for me.” I said and left without saying a word more. Days passed, I never said anything to Tina, though she kept asking me. I never cried in front of her, but cried like a baby when I was alone. Days went and tears vanished. I wished if he could also vanish from my life and memory the way tears had, but I had loved him way too much, more than Ayushman, I still failed to understand how could I, how could he become so important to me even after having such a short encounter. My life never went back to normal. I still sulked. Tina kept probing me, but I never told her, I never wanted to talk about him. I wanted to forget him.
One Sunday afternoon I was watching my favorite, Sharukh Khan movie when the bell rang. It had to be my neighbor, who had been disturbing me since an hour now. I opened the door, “Hi Pooja. How have you been? I hope I am not disturbing you.” It was Abhay. I felt an adrenaline rush through me. I felt dizzy. “Hi Abhay,” is all I could say. “Actually I was in town so thought of coming over and I knew you would be home. How are you sweetheart? You know…” “Enough! I cannot take this anymore Abhay.” “What?” “This sweetheart and all…. Abhay I don’t think we should be frriends.” He came closer to me, even though I had retracted. He caught me in his arms. “Why are you saying that?” “Abhay please…” and I started crying. He wiped my tears and kissed my cheeks. “Abhay… Abhay… I love you. I know I have no right to say that. You have a girlfriend, who is handsomer to me. I know you are committed but still I felt in love with you. I am sorry but I could not…” “Shh….” He kept gazing at me, before he sploke again. “What took you so long to say this sweetheart.” I was puzzled. “I thought you had come to the airport to say it, so what took you so long? You had my number right?” “But I thought…. Your girlfriend?” “Sweetheart, I had broken up with her on the very day of my departure. I had told her everything about you and even the fact that I loved you, always had, more than anything in this world did. I have always loved you sweetheart and you are the prettiest and loveliest girl I have ever known in my entire life.” “Oh! Abhay I love you so much.” I said and started crying again, I could not control myself. He wiped my tears with his fingers, stroked the strand of hair behind my ear that was disturbing me. He embraced my lips and then, finally our lips met. He first kissed me gently then backed away. “I love you sweetheart.” He said and I could not control, I took the charge and kissed him passionately, and said, “I love you too, darling.”


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